About Me

Adrienne Morris is a versatile artist skilled in surface design and illustration. With a blend of traditional and digital mediums, she creates designs that are functional and fun. Open to licensing opportunities, she welcomes collaboration!

Adrienne's Design Projects

Bakery Labels

Adrienne's surface design projects explore the beauty of nature. From floral motifs to landscapes, you'll find a wide range of designs that are perfect for various products and applications. Her vector pattern designs seamlessly repeat and can digitally be rescaled for future products as needed.

Adrienne's illustration projects are created with vector graphics. Many of her designs feature adorable animals or other nature-inspired motifs. Each drawing is designed with a minimalistic approach and a fun color palette!

Adrienne's bakery label project features customized name cards, informational signs, and price labels tailored for food items. It's designed to elevate food presentation while effectively communicating menu flavors and pricing to customers. Ideal for bakeries, cafes, restaurants, food trucks, catering companies, and other food vendors seeking enhanced visual communication.

Surface Design

Adrienne's art prints are a combination of Texas-themed illustrations, nature-inspired designs and typography designs. From inspirational affirmations to custom illustrations, each piece is carefully crafted to inspire positivity.

Art Prints

Coming Soon...

Please note, If you click on this Explore link and purchase items from Zazzle designed by Adrienne, the artist, Adrienne receives a royalty on the sale. Your support is appreciated.

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